Dating and Internet Technology: The Inseparable Ingredients of Modern Relationships


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Have you ever wondered why there are so many dating sites on the market today? Or why social media is so famous when it comes to dating and relationship stuff? A site like has become famous for giving people opportunities to share affection.

Online dating is only good as long as you are true to yourself. The biggest question, however, is whether dating should be scientific or spontaneous.

What does research say?

According to recent research published in the journal, Science Advances internet dating has become the best option for those seeking for romance. It has become dominant in that; it stands as the third most popular means through which people meet long-term partners.

In this report, which was based on a Google-inspired algorithm, scientists sort to understand what people look for in mates. It involved the analysis of messaging and demographic patterns from heterosexuals living in New York, Boston, Chicago, and Seattle.

As it turns out, most people seeking partnerships seek for people 25% more attractive than themselves. To be seen as the most desired persons have nothing to do with how many messages you receive. It is about who the message is coming from.

The article is set on the foundation that, online dating demands setting high goals, writing brief messages and being patient. Well, there is more!

Don’t show desperation

Based on the report above, one can assume that online dating is not about finding the perfect match. Many look at it as a way to find their partners founded on looks. It might not be such a good idea to ignore the most important metric of dating.

As much as it is online, it is still dating. The best way to approach online dating is to tread softly and take your time. Many of the single attribute posts online might not be true – some even post fake photos just to attract suitors that are on a dating site.

Start by identifying a genuine site that has what you really want. There are black dating sites for example where you meet black singles, among many other options. Such give you the opportunity to narrow down your search.

The first impression is always critical in dating, and you should ensure those that meet you for the first time like you already. To succeed here, do not focus so much on self-description. It makes it feel like you are trying desperately to convince people to like you. This is why you need to be as brief as possible.

It is not a good idea to show your potential suitor that you are desperate to be dated. This is where most people fail as they will think they are not getting any response prompting them to abandon the mission. That is not the way online dating works. It has to come naturally rather than mechanically.

Before you start online dating, take a pen and paper and write down your expectations. What is it that you are looking for exactly? The aim is to give yourself easy time to identify a partner – someone you might have to spend the rest of your life with.

Final thought: strategy or just yourself?

Online dating is not as easy as it may seem. Some people prefer to come up with the best strategy to succeed in their quest. Well, this is a good idea, since it works most of the time.

But then, a strategy can land one in trouble once they start going out physically. You cannot take someone out for coffee using the internet. Therefore, if you rely too much on strategy, it could be hard to stick to it in real life.

For this reason, it is better just to be yourself. There are no lies that you will be forced to tell or hide if you are true and it gives you comfort when you meet. It feels as though you know each other for long.

To make it better, be strategic in your approach but don’t stay from who you are. This makes it more natural and spontaneous rather than cold-heart science.

Long lasting relationships are built on trust and understanding. Just aim as making the right choice!


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