How do I introduce her to my parents?

Introduce herCan you count the number of times you have brushed off the idea of introducing her to your parents? Maybe it is more than ten times, and still counting. And the biggest issue is not that you don’t love her, but you aren’t just sure yet how your parents will look at her. So how do you help her to make a perfect first impression?

If you are like everyone else who dreads the day you will have to introduce her to your parents, then here are some quick tips to get you through it.

Be sure that you want to introduce her

Introducing your fiancée to your parents is not a child’s play. It is a serious step that you will be taking, one that can you can either proudly look back at or regret why you ever did that. Before making up your mind to introduce her, first reflect on why you must do it. Think of how long you have been together, the good and bad things that you have been through with her. If by any chance you start questioning yourself on why you should introduce her, then take your time to think over the whole decision again.

Note that your parents will have some questions on why you think this beautiful lady is the right one for you. And this will be on the day of introduction, even before they find out a lot more about the girl by themselves. So being sure of why you need to do it now and not later will help you be prepared for any type of question that might arise.

Know when to introduce her

Now that you are sure that this is the right person for you, you must also consider whether this is the right time to take her to your parents. Remember that you are helping her make the perfect first impression, and there timing is vital.

Don’t take your woman home when you know just too well that your parents are going through a hard time. Actually, to make the introduction a success, you need to be sure that the mood at home is a nice one. Check to see whether your parents are happy, especially during end months when they have received their salaries, or during Christmas holidays when everyone at home is in a jovial mood.

Prep her before the D-day

Consider giving her some 101 courses before taking her home. If you had not told her much about your family, this might be the right time to do so. Let her know what to expect, how your mom tries to ignore everyone else in the living room, how your dad will be keen on what she says, how your sisters will be looking at her and all that. This will equip her and will make her more confident when facing them.

But again, it will depend on where the introduction is happening. If you are taking her to your parents’ place, then you can buy her a few gifts to take to your parents. But if it is the parents coming over, then encourage them to buy their to-be daughter-in-law some gifts. They can come with a bottle of wine to light up the introduction moments.

When they finally meet, encourage them to talk and know each other. You can offer to prepare some snacks as your parents talk to your girlfriend. In the beginning, don’t interrupt, let your parents and the love of your life have their time, then you can chime in afterwards.


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