How to use double-sided dildos

While many of us out there love dildos, not so many actually understand how to use double-sided dildos. This kind of dildo is not your normal dildo, the one that you simply hide in the bedroom all alone and have your thing, or the one that you slip into the bathroom and do it even before taking a shower.

Given that double-sided dildos have two heads, one on each end, then it means you need to have a partner for you to use it. And even though you might be with your partner, without proper practice, then it might never be easy to keep the dildo inside your vagina or butt. This is simply because both of you are looking for pleasure, and thus you must move in rhythmic ways, akin to the tag of war.

How to choose double-sided dildos

There are various considerations that one must look into when purchasing this kind of dildos. And all this is meant to enhance your clitoral stimulation as well as general pleasure. Let us look at some of these considerations:

Are you solo or with a partner?

The number one factor to consider is whether or not you are going to use it with a partner or all by yourself. Double-sided dildos can work both for partners as well as solos. If your area alone, then the dildo can be used to stimulate both the anus as well as the vagina, giving you a sensation as you’ve never received before.

But if you are a lesbian and planning to use it with her, then you can as well go ahead and give her the experience of her life.


Depending on whether you are alone or with a partner, you can choose either a flexible dildo or a stiff one. This is necessary for the following two reasons

  • If you are alone, and you want to get both a clitoral stimulation as well as anal, then you need a flexible dildo that will reach both ends.
  • But if, on the other hand, you are with your partner and thus need to pleasure both, going for a stiffer dildo will work best. This is because you do not want the interruption of the dildo getting out of each other’s vagina or anus while enjoying.

Size of the dildo

This is another very important consideration given that we all blessed with the same kind of room down there. While some ladies might be more than willing and comfortable to accommodate a plus size dildo, others might find it more painful.

It is thus necessary to understand the size of your vagina/anus before venturing into this. However, you can shop around and find the best fitting dildo that will be perfect for your organs.

Remember that the size of the dildo is also essential as it determines how easy it is for you to hold it and leave room for penetration.

Lubricants used

Knowing how to use double sided-dildos also means knowing how to use its lubricant. This is because there are times when we are not automatically stimulated, thus we are dry, yet we want to have it inside us. Or it can just be that while you are on it, you stop self-lubricating, and thus you need to lubricate.

Here, you have to know how to use the vaginal lubes as well as anal lubes. This way, you can always apply the correct lube for the anal side as well as the vaginal side.

Ease of cleaning

How easy is it to clean the dildo? It is definitely not hygienic to use a dildo that is not clean. Thus when buying, find out how easy it is to clean it, and what is required to when cleaning.

The texture of the dildo

You are buying a dildo for maximum pleasure, not just for mere penetration. It is for this reason that you need to consider buying a dildo that is somehow rough to give you and your maximum partner pleasure. Remember that even if you know how to use double-sided dildos, if it is not rough enough, you might not enjoy using it much.



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