Personal loan categories in America

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There are various personal loan categories in America that you can seek when in a financial problem. At the same time, there exist several lenders willing to give you a loan for your needs. It all depends on your need and your ability to pay back your loan. There are lenders that demand security and others who loan without security. But one thing that will matter most when looking for a personal loan, is the type of loan you want. This is usually referred to as the personal loan category. In this article, I will try to analyze categories of personal loans available, and how you can access them. However, it is important that you budget for your loan well so that you don’t spend it on non-essential items.

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Closed-end loans

These are those loans which include a specific amount given with a specific repayment schedule for a specific period of time. These loans are based on the interest rates that are calculated timely. It could be weekly, monthly, half-yearly or yearly. Most are calculated yearly. Closed-end loans include;

Personal loan categories in America #1: Mortgage loans

A mortgage loan, for example, will use the property you are buying as the security. Whether you are employed or simply run your own business, a mortgage loan will always demand security. It is very important to understand some of the things which will be considered before you apply for a mortgage loan.

Personal loan categories in America #2: Asset finance

Loans that you apply to acquire an asset say a car. These loans use the asset you are acquiring as security or collateral.

Others include appliance loans and payday loans.

Open-end loans

These types of loans do not require any special terms. They are soft loans that are acquired for day-to-day use and demand full payment at the end of every month. Interest is added in case of a default at the end of the month.


Eligibility is a criterion used to measure your ability to repay the loan. In order to get a loan, one must know what is required of them first. Whatever kind of loan you are applying for, the lender will first need to do an appraisal on you to make sure their money is secure. Your credit history is also very important at this stage whether you are a first-time borrower or you are serving or have served another loan. Once you have been approved by the lender, you can then go ahead and fill all the paperwork.

Remember, the most important qualification is to be a resident citizen.


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