What you need to know about Tron before investing

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As blockchain technology continues to gain traction among many institutions, more and more cryptocurrencies are being launched on it. It is clear that the success of bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency on blockchain has wired many developers.

Tron is one of the cryptocurrencies that has a high potential for investors. Even though it started slowly, this coin’s value seems to be growing by the day. The coin’s focus is on the entertainment industry, and analysts believe that it has the potential to disrupt the multi-million dollar entertainment industry.

The official cryptocurrency of Tron is TRONix (TRX). Unlike other currencies whose main goal is to be for smart contracts, TRON’s main aim is to become a decentralized platform for sharing content. The target here is the digital entertainment industry, valued at approximately 1 trillion dollars.

The implementation of blockchain technologies by Tron happens in multiple phases. There are five stages that the application has to go through, though currently, it has not made many steps. Below are the six levels that are supposed to be implemented by the developers of Tron:

Phases of TRX

  • Exodus
  • Odyssey
  • Great voyage
  • Apollo
  • Star Trek
  • Eternity

Each of these stages has their own operations that we won’t get into many details at this point. Be keen on the next work on Tron to be released soon; we shall discuss the stages in detail.

Benefits of investing in TRONix

Data liberation

As a creator of data, you need the rights to own your data without having to depend on middlemen such as Google play store or Apple. This is where you need Tron. It will give you all the rights to your content and other related data at a near-zero fee.

Personal ICO

It is not lost on our imagination the difficulty in getting capital to start our own businesses, irrespective of the industry. As a content creator, getting your content and other related data distributed can be hard. With Tron, you can start your own ICO where you will be able to get enough money for your creation.

Gaming and market forecasting

For those who love gambling and other gaming activities, this platform was created to help you. You can earn extra coins for gaming and market forecasting.

How to get TRONix

The fact that you have read to this point, it is apparent that you have an interest in Tron. It will be a disservice if I fail to tell you how to get TRONix.

As a new blockchain-based currency, there are few places you can get these coins. This is unlike major and more established currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and others that can easily be found.

You can get TRONix in exchanges such as Binance or liquid. Here, you will have to exchange them for either bitcoin or ethereum. It is also tradable on other exchanges such as Bitstamp and coinbase.

Storing TRONix

There many wallets that you can use to store your TRON. Given that TRX is an ERC-20 token, you can safely store them in hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano or Trezor.


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