What you should know about stellar

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Are you looking for a relatively new currency that is not overcrowded yet offers high returns? Then look no further, stellar is here to end your long search.

If you are an enthusiast of cryptocurrencies, then you understand the hype surrounding this filed, especially in 2017 when bitcoin’s price reached a record high of $7000. This shows that as of that time, investing in cryptos was the most viable option any investor could have made. Come to early 2018. However, stings started going south. This was primarily attributed to the hostility of some countries and institutions that saw these currencies as a threat to their own fiat currency.

But amidst all these, Steller’s value seems to be steady and rising. So it would be better to understand what stellar coin is entirely.

What is stellar?

Stellar is one of the cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology. This coin enables users to send money to anyone across the globe free of charge and in an instant and not to forget that in any currency. The primary goal of the founders of this coin is to expand financial access as well as literacy across the world.

Stellar was developed both as a technology as well as the network for this coin. The stellar platform is distributed through a ledger and maintained through consensus instead of mining.

Future of stellar coin

With more companies choosing to invest in stellar, there is no doubt that this coin has a bright future. At the start of this coin, the Silicon Valley giant Stripe spent $3 million in exchange for 2B lumens. Barclays and Deloitte are also venturing in this coin as a way of reducing their costs.

Stellar’s information resources

As it should be the case with every good investor, you need to source for useful information resources and links that can give you a clear roadmap of the investment opportunity. Having this in mind, Stellar Development Foundation has put a lot of information on its official website, stellar.org.

What can you do with stellar?

With stellar, you will be able to carry out all the transactions done in a bank, but on a decentralized platform. Unlike other financial institutions, the stellar platform allows you send and receive money at a near-zero cost. It will be important to note that you will be able to send and simply receive multi-currencies, just as you do in your own currency.

Unlike other currencies such as bitcoin where you have to transact considerable sums to remain profitable, stellar has a way of helping people with little money. While making micropayments, you will benefit from the low costs as well as high efficiency. With $0.01 in fees, you will be able to transact over 600, 000 transactions.

Think of what you can do if your transaction is confirmed within 2-5 seconds. This is a real benefit to users, making your business more viable and profitable.


Name Stellar
Initial release 2014
Developers Stellar Development Foundation
Written in C++, JavaScript, Java, Script, Python, Ruby, Shell
Founders Jed McCaleb, Joyce Kim


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